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Frequently Asked Questions

Buy Now Questions

All payments are processed through Payment methods accepted include American Express, Master Care, Visa, Paypal & Bank Wire. is an accredited Escrow company in the United States and the most trusted payment method for domain names.  They process multi-million dollar transactions and in total have processed over 3.5 Billion dollars of trusted escrow transactions. is heavily regulated and audited so you can rest assured your money or domain assets are in the best hands possible.

Payments are typically approved within 1-2 business days.  Domain transfers usually take place on the same day the payment is approved.

As long as there are no temporary ICANN transfer blocks on the domain, you'll be able to transfer the domain to the registrar of your choice.  

At times there is a 60 day lock on a domain (by ICANN) because a domain recently changed registrars or there was a change to the domain's Whois contact information.  In cases like this, you may be asked to receive the domain at the current registrar.  This is a normal situation and once the lock period is complete, you can then move your domain to the registrar of your choice.

The escrow process has 6 steps to ensure a safe and secure transaction on biix.

Buyer Purchases the Domain

Seller Confirms Domain is Available

Buyer pays

Seller Transfers Domain to Buyer

Buyer Accepts Merchandise Pays the Seller

Lease-to-Own Questions

Yes!  Once the first payment is made, the domain will be ready for you to use within 24 hours.

You will be able to change the NameServer and DNS settings for your domain while the monthly lease-to-own option is in place.  These settings are enough to setup your website, email, and everything else you need to run your business.

 Once the balance has been paid, you can transfer the domain to the registrar of your choice.  At this point you can change the Whois information and any other settings for your domain.

There is a $12.50 charge for every month you choose to extend the monthly lease.  For example, a 12 month lease would be a total of $150.  This fee would be paid upfront when the lease starts.

There is no obligation to continue the lease-to-own option.  It is a month-to-month arrangement and can be stopped at anytime.

Once stopped, the balance that you've paid up until that point would then be forfeited.

The lease-to-own process has 9 steps to ensure a safe and secure transaction on biix.

Buyer purchases the Domain by selecting the "Lease" option

Seller confirms Domain is available

Buyer pays initial Setup Fees

Seller transfers domain to

Buyer starts the monthy payments to

Buyer sends DNS/Nameserver information to escrow to begin using the domain

Buyer completes payments to

Escrow transfers domain to Buyer pays the Seller